Adjustable eyeglasses make you no longer need any other glasses in your lifetime.

By Alex Smith AUG 13, 2023
in New Science Tech

We glasses wearers have all been there. We sit on the chair and spend twenty or thirty minutes discussing with the ophthalmologist whether lens 1 or 2 is better, hoping that we have made the right decision when the two are almost similar, because a once the order is placed, there is no going back...until six months later, we come back to get new ones because our visual acuity has changed.

This is precisely what the revolutionary new adjustable glasses have come to change forever!


This adjustable glasses thought out by an Austrian optician, they were designed to solve the problem of all spectacle wearers.

Using  revolutionary new dual-lens technology,  these glasses allow you to manually change the magnitude of the goggles, whether near or far. Combine them with a  sleek, adjustable frame  that you can adapt to your nose and face, and you've got the only pair you need.

We were able to  self-adjust them so that they fit  our face perfectly, its design was very comfortable.

The fit of the lens was easy and perfect, and the best part is that if someone lost their glasses, they could easily borrow someone else's!

StarryVue Adjustable Dual Lens Technology -- a game-changer in the world of eyewear!


For both near and far-sightedness! With just a simple twist of the dial, these innovative goggles seamlessly switch between + powered lenses for those with farsightedness, - powered lenses for those with nearsightedness, and regular 0 powered lenses for those with normal vision. The adjustment range spans an impressive -6 to +3 Diopters, ensuring optimal clarity for every individual.



The secret of our eyewear's strength lies in the fusion of durable polymers that absorb and disperse impact, along with reinforced frames that add an extra layer of protection. This combination ensures our eyewear is virtually indestructible, holding strong against accidental drops, sudden impacts, or extreme conditions without compromising style or comfort. We've put them through rough tests, such as accidental drops and even someone sitting on them, and they passed with flying colors. The right focuser snapped back effortlessly, demonstrating resilience and the ability to maintain functionality even after unexpected mishaps.


Experience ultimate comfort with our adjustable frame feature. Say goodbye to those annoying pressure marks that glasses often leave on your nose or the sides of your head. With ergonomic design allows you to easily customize the fit of the frame to your unique head shape, ensuring a perfect and snug fit every time you wear them. No more discomfort or slipping, just pure comfort and stability throughout your day.


Our goggles come equipped with a cutting-edge scratch-resistant coating that ensures your lenses stay crystal clear, no matter what challenges you face. The advanced technology provides a protective barrier, preventing scratches and scuffs from affecting your vision, even in the most demanding environments.  Additionally, the anti-fog feature keeps your lenses clear and fog-free, ensuring you can enjoy a seamless and unobstructed view at all times.


The Benefits Of Adjustable Eyeglasses For Eye Refraction

 Adaptive Vision Correction

Adjustable eyeglasses, also known as adjustable focus eyewear or self-refracting glasses, offer a dynamic solution for vision correction. By adjusting the lens power, these glasses can cater to various refractive errors, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

 Personalized Prescription

The ability to modify the lens power allows for personalized prescriptions tailored to each individual's unique vision needs. This customization ensures optimal visual acuity and reduces optical distortions.

 Addressing Presbyopia

Adjustable eyeglasses are particularly effective for addressing presbyopia, a common age-related condition that reduces the eye's ability to focus on near objects. By fine-tuning the lens power, users can achieve clear vision at different distances, eliminating the need for separate reading glasses.

 Flexibility and Versatility

These glasses provide unparalleled flexibility for individuals engaged in various activities throughout the day. Users can effortlessly transition from near tasks to distance vision without the hassle of switching between different pairs of glasses.

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"Good God, I've always had a hard time finding comfortable glasses, maybe it's due to my abnormal face shape, so when trying these adjustable glasses, I realized that I was not in my case. desperate... just needed to find a mount that I could adjust manually..."

"I was honestly worried that they would make me look weird, but frankly they look super cool and don't clash with my outfits at all! The only thing I need to do is turn the dial until I find the right focus. They are so comfortable! I'm not likely to buy a new pair anytime soon. "

"My son had trouble seeing the whiteboard in class, we bought him a pair of glasses, but he complained that he couldn't always see well because his sight varied slightly from hour to hour. another during the day. Since he wears StarryVue, he sees perfectly all the time! "

"I was really afraid they would look weird but they actually look really cool, and don't clash with my outfit! All I need is to turn the dial till I see perfectly and they're so comfortable!! I don't I'm going to need a new pair of glasses anytime soon."

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